SRILLS offers eco-friendly and non-toxic pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide products that are so safe you can drink!


Our select formulas at SRILLS are made of natural and organic ingredients formulated off of an EPA safe list. Meaning they are as safe as table salt and bear no warning labels on our ready to use products. We are not new to this, Srills formulas were researched, developed and market tested for over 10 years. We stand behind our formulas and guarantee that they work, backed by our SRILLS KILLS guarantee. We use natural and organic based ingredients including but not limited to Castor Oil, Citric Acid, Oelic Acid, Sodium Chloride (Table Salt), & Glycerol.
Our goal at SRILLS is to offer products that will help clean our environment and show people that there are safer alternatives to pest control. Simply put we want to help you save the world!


SRILLS dropped of some samples of the Fungus Bully. Working at a grow store in Colorado, I get to try many different products. This one stood out as a quick remedy for PM. got rid of it after one spray and saw no signs of pm for weeks.

Its a great product and I will recommend it to anybody that needs a natural PM remedy.


Met these guys at National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. Darn good product. Bully for them!


I met Dan here in Denver and he set me up a sample of both the mite and mildew products. Both work exceptionally well! I bathed my plants in a mixture of the mildew solution and within a few minutes the mildew was rinsing off and floating at the top of the water.
I just started to use the mite solution and it kills them dead. Havent had a chance to use it for longer than the first two dosages but it definitely stopped those little buggers in their spots.